How It All Began

It was 1am in the morning and everyone was sound asleep around me. I should’ve been sleeping too as my son is an early morning riser, but I was fighting a bout of insomnia that was being fueled by a serious facebook crawl. It was shortly after the mayhem of the Lennox incident occurred, and somehow I stumbled upon the Urgent Part 2 facebook page. I remember scrolling through this page that had picture after picture of almost all pit bull mix type dogs that were ‘to be destroyed’ the next day in Manhattan Animal Care & Control (MACC). My husband and I always discussed how we wouldn’t take in any more dogs with our house already being full with 2 babies and three fur-babies, but this one particular pup named Buzz caught my attention. I found myself sitting there in on the floor of our bedroom, in the dark staring at his photo. His big brown eyes were so sad and crying for help. I couldn’t shake the connection I felt with him and reading all of the volunteers comments about his sweet nature didn’t help. That was when I decided that we had to save him. I couldn’t let him be killed. He deserved a chance to feel some happiness and love in life, something that the MACC seemed determined on preventing.

You see, Buzz never made it to the public adoptions area which means he was hidden away in a separate area the whole time he was there (about 2 weeks). Without any exposure to the public he was destined to live out the rest of his short life there in that tiny cage surrounded by stir crazed dogs. He was also never given a SAFER, which is a behavior exam. This tests dogs on food, toy, human, dog aggression, etc.. which are all very important factors to know when you are adopting a dog. And to make things even more complicated, since Buzz had no SAFER he could only be saved by a New Hope partner, which is a group of privately run individual rescue groups that have been screened and approved by the AC&C. So even though I knew I wanted to save him I couldn’t drive to the MACC in the morning and pull him from the euthanasia list. To sum it up these are the factors he had against him: he was a large dog (70lbs skin and bones), had no SAFER evaluation, was sick with kennel cough (which ended up being something much worse), could only be saved by a NH rescue group, wasn’t visible to the public, and was riding on his third straight night on the death row list. Logically speaking there was no way any sane person, especially with kids and other dogs, would or should save a dog like this.

So I quickly began emailing all the rescue groups I could with hopes that I would wake up in a couple of hours to a response from one of them in the morning saying ‘Yes, we will help you pull Buzz from death row’. Needless to say that morning my husband was beyond thrilled about what I had volunteered us for. FOSTERING? How could we possibly take on the responsibility of another dog when we were already so busy? I promised him it could be done. There had to be a way, after all I was already too vested in this. While I was waiting for a response each minute that passed seemed like an hour. I kept checking my inbox, nothing. Finally I heard back from Zani’s Furry Friends, yes!! We went through the application process, got our ducks in a row, and then we were off to save Buzz. I cried the moment I saw him and his favorite volunteer handler who worked so hard to advocate for his life. The only words I could squeeze out in between the sobs were ‘how… could… anyone… not want you??’ From that moment on I promised him that his life would be different. No more abuse, no more neglect, no more abandonment, no more torture. Only love, happiness, and a dog bowl constantly full of yummy food.

On the car ride home we all agreed that name Buzz didn’t quite fit his personality. A couple of names were suggested but none fit the situation or his demeanor. My husband said, ‘what about Chance?’ to which we all loved. Even Chance seemed in agreement, looking in response to the word. So then it was decided from that moment on his new official name would be Lil’ Lennox’s Second Chance. Thus begins a very fun filled new chapter in our lives.


17 thoughts on “How It All Began

  1. Bless you for the extreme effort you made to save Chance! I too have a Pit mix that was saved from the euthanasia list, and he is a great, special, dog. Smart, funny and very loving. Looks very much like your Pit w/ the white chest. Looks like you have a wonderful pack!

    • Thank you Patty! It’s always nice to hear other stories of successful euth list saves. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the pit bull breed so much and I hope others can see how wonderful they are through some of my photos.

  2. I just found your blog from someones post on FB about the Huffington Post article. Let me just say a resounding thank you for taking him in.I once swore I would never own one, but after meeting several at a local Rescue, Braveheart Pitbull Rescue, we adopted and I have never enjoyed or loved a dog so much as my pittie. She is the best dog ever, and now I champion the cause to end all BSL and try to help turn around the media hype around the breed.

    • Thank you Ruth for being a fellow pit bull advocate! I actually had never even met a pit bull and scoffed at the idea of getting one when my husband originally brought it up. He has always been an avid pit bull lover so I went out on a limb and trusted him. Big Girl, the blue nose, is the original pit bull ambassador for me. She instantaneously changed my views and perception on the breed. I love hearing feedback from other rescue pit bull owners! Hopefully one day soon we can live in a changed society that can see how wonderful this breed is.

  3. This is so inspiring. I have an adopted pitbull that I love so much and have been thinking about fostering. I look at the Bruised not Broken pictures all the time. This moved me to action – now I’m going to do it too!

    • That is AWESOME!!! It is such an amazing experience, and honestly if our kids were older we would definitely foster another. Zani’s is a wonderful rescue group to foster with, I really can’t speak any higher praises of them. Thank you for deciding to open your home and good luck with everything!! Please stop by again to let us know how everything goes!

  4. This breed doesn’t get much of a chance these days!!! There are wonderful pit bulls out there that need home!! Thank u for being a voice for them!!! Ur lucky to have found chance!!! And he is lucky too ! Thank u for saving him!

    • Thanks Nicole! It is sad how overlooked pit bulls are just because of the negative image they have developed. Hopefully one day things will be different and people will learn to realize how awesome this breed is!

  5. Great story, you all are very lucky to have found each other.. My daughter has pit bulls, I myself have a Rottweiller. Both breeds are sooo misunderstood….

  6. Just found your blog. Your little girl is beautiful and your dogs so gentle and accommodating with the dress up game. Priceless.

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