We are here to showcase some of the crazy antics that encase the daily lives of our very full PIT BULL loving household.

Chance is the newest member to our pack who originally started out as a foster, but quickly turned into a foster fail. He has brought us so much [more] love, laughter and happiness into our hectic lives. His instantaneous bond with my daughter is what inspired me to start this blog. As a mom of two toddlers, four fur babies, a wife and a full time homemaker, I can honestly say that I am blessed to be surrounded by all this madness. As the motto goes: “sharing is caring” I have created this page to share some of the silly, loving and humorous moments that I have been lucky enough to capture on digital film. My hopes are that one day these pictures will be able to circulate and educate the public on this greatly misunderstood pit bull breed. They are the most loving, gentle, loyal and comedic breed I have ever met. These pictures are for your enjoyment, but they are not to be reproduced or distributed without my prior consent.


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